Lift Magnet Certification Download

Download the Order Form,  complete it and email it to or
Mail it to:
Eriez Repair Center
1901 Wager Road
Attn:  Receiving Department
Erie, PA  16509


The following can all be accomplished by downloading the Order Form and emailing to

1) Contact Eriez for Quote
• Be ready to provide magnet series and model number
• Call 1-888-999-ERIEZ and ask for lift magnet refurbishment quote
2) Issue PO / Get RGA
• Issue your PO to Eriez and provide contact information of person shipping magnet to Eriez
• Upon receipt of PO, Eriez will issue a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA) to be clearly indicated on box and shipping documents of magnet being sent to Eriez
3) Ship Your Magnet to Eriez
• Be sure to label package with RGA number
• Freight to Eriez must be prepaid (collect shipments not accepted)
4) Eriez Inspection and Verification
• Upon receipt, Eriez will perform a two-point inspection to determine magnet qualification
• If qualified, magnet will be exchanged or repaired under the guidelines of the program
• If internal magnet damage is indicated, customer will be contacted for quote and lead time on internal magnet repairs or new magnet
5) Certified Magnet Returned to You!
• Invoice issued upon shipment
• Freight prepaid and added to invoice, unless otherwise agreed and indicated on PO

Contact Eriez at 1-888-999-ERIEZ for more information.


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