Eriez HydroFlow Filter System Engineering

Eriez HydroFlow® is a leader in providing its customers with engineering and technical assistance to ensure that all aspects of the project are considered prior to the construction of any filter or central filtration system.


Components of each Eriez HydroFlow® filter are integrated into a high-performance, low maintenance system. Recommendations for system design and performance are based on a variety of factors:
  • Method of filtration
  • Type of filter and configuration, such as floor or pit mounting
  • Tramp oil levels and control
  • System performance and finish required
  • Water make-up availability and quality
  • Efficient and economical collection and disposal of contaminates
  • Coolant temperature requirements

Design and
Layout Services
Many customers rearrange their production facilities when a central filter system is installed. We can assist you in every facet of the design and floor plan layout stages of your project. Services available include:
  • Recommendations for machine tool placement to minimize installation costs, and increase efficiency.
  • Analysis of dirty coolant collection, such as, sumps, in floor trenching, or overhead piping.
  • Economic analysis of chip collection and handling.
  • Specifications of components and lists of recommended spare parts
  • Engineering drawings of piping, coolant chutes or trenching at individual machine tools or central systems
  • Design of electrical monitoring and PLC control systems
  • Documentation necessary for installation contractor bidding

Installation and Start-upThe final steps in the process of acquiring a filtration system are often the most important. Among the services available at Eriez HydroFlow are:
  • Assist in the selection of qualified installation contractors
  • On-site contractor supervision during installation
  • Supervision of the filter start-up and run-off
  • Provide operator and maintenance training


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