Grate Magnets - Food Processing Industry

Eriez Grates protect your equipment and product purity by removing fine and weakly magnetic contamination from dry, free flowing products. They are designed for steep-sloped hoppers, even with odd and irregular shapes, floor openings, vertical closed chutes, and ducts. Styles include Tube Magnets, Hopper Grates, Drawer Grates, Wing Grates, Grate-in-Housings, Easy-to-Clean and Self-Cleaning Grates.

Grate Magnets - Food Processing Industry

Eriez offers the latest technology and backs its claims with independent evaluations, like the report from Pennsylvania State University, to prove Eriez’ Xtreme™ Rare Earth Tube magnets are the strongest commercially available.

Watch Dave Heubel give an Overview of Eriez' Products at the 2010 PTXI Show in Rosemont, IL


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