Feeders Fast with EriezXpress 5-Day

Feeders Fast, an integral part of Eriez' unique EriezXpress program, guarantees quick shipment of a select number of electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders.

Feeders Fast with EriezXpress 5-Day

Feeders Fast is a new and exciting part of EriezXpress 5-Day, a service created to help serve you more quickly and efficiently by offering those with approved credit, guaranteed shipment of a wide assortment of Eriez feeder models within five days from the time they place their order.

With available tray sizes beginning at 80 square inches (516 cm²)and ranging all the way up to 504 (3252 cm²)  square inches and capacities as high as 22 tons (20 mt) per hour, the 32 Feeders Fast feeder models can fulfill virtually any need, either large or small.

The following popular drives are included in the Feeders Fast Program:

  • 15A, 26C, 36C, 46C, 56C, 66C
  • HS-26, HS-36, HS-46, HS-56, HS-66
  • HD-46, HD-56, HD-66

Contact your local Eriez representative today for help in selecting the right feeder for your application.

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